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District 6970 and Club Officers Liability Insurance

U.S. Club Liability Insurance Program

Effective June 21, 2023


Please be advised that the U.S. Rotary Club & District Liability Insurance Program (“Program”) policies have been renewed for the 2023-24 policy year, and the 2023-24 Certificate Of Insurance is available on the Program website. 

As a reminder, the Program provides U.S. Rotary clubs and districts with general liability insurance and directors & officers/employment practices liability insurance:

  • General liability insurance protects clubs and districts for their liability arising out of bodily injury or property damage to a third party.
    • Example: An attendee (a third party) is injured after they trip and fall at a club or district fundraiser. The attendee sues the club or district, claiming they negligently permitted the hazard which caused them to trip and fall. General liability insurance would cover the club or district and would defend them against the attendee’s claim.
    • General liability insurance is not first party insurance. The Program does not provide first party insurance covering bodily injury or property damage to members and volunteers of clubs and districts (a first party/insured person). First party insurance includes health insurance, underinsured and uninsured auto insurance, and property insurance.
    • Members and volunteers of clubs and districts are expected to carry health insurance, auto insurance, and property insurance.
  • Directors & officers liability insurance provides coverage for claims made against club members and club and district officers for liability arising out of the performance of their duties.
  • Employment practices liability insurance provides coverage for claims arising out of club or district employment practices.

We encourage you to send this email to anyone in your club or district handling event planning or insurance matters.

Further information about general liability insurance and directors & officers/employment practices liability insurance is available on the Program website.

Lastly, Risk Management would like to restate the importance of appointing a District Insurance Representative (“DIR”) for the course of your governorship.

If your district is yet to do so, we encourage you to appoint a DIR and report the appointment using My Rotary, as DIR’s are given advanced notice of emails sent from Risk Management to officers and officers-elect of U.S. Rotary clubs and districts and Rotaract clubs.

All documents, forms, and other materials are updated for the 2023-24 policy year.


Please contact the Rotary business office at: for the proper credentials if you need to login. 

The Program website is only for U.S. Rotary club and district use. Please feel free to share the credentials with others in your U.S. Rotary club or district, but do not post them anywhere, as this is the exclusive source for all of the Program’s documents, forms, and other materials.


Risk Management

Insurance Broker

Risk Management

Arthur J. Gallagher & Co.

Julita Brzozowska, Risk Manager

Carol Dietz, Risk Management Senior Specialist

Jacob Kolar, Insurance & Risk Management Analyst

Ann Berdahl, Claims & Insurance Manager