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Alumni Chair

Committee email:

PDG Ken Baker
RC of West Jacksonville

The alumni committee serves Rotary alumni. It will manage relationships with district program alumni and assist clubs with alumni relations. More specifically, it will:
  • Work in conjunction with other district committees, particularly membership, Foundation, and New Generations, to identify alumni and their potential contributions (for example, as speaker, project participant, Rotary member,
  • Foundation and program contributor) and connect these alumni to clubs and to district activities.
  • Educate Rotary members to work with alumni in order to maintain their relationship with Rotary.
  • Encourage alumni to report their data to RI, and work with fellow district chairs to ensure that program participants are reported to RI.
  • Abide by privacy and youth protection policies and local laws.
  • Support and coordinate alumni events and associations.



Committee email:

Karen Weiss, co-Chair
RC of DeLand

This committee works closely with the District Governor in developing appropriate club awards to recognize outstanding performance by clubs throughout the District. The committee assists in developing suitable standards and criteria for these awards and will administer the process of evaluating club performance, as a basis for determining the recipients. These honors will be presented at the Annual District Conference.

All clubs are eligible for and encouraged to attain the 2016-2017 Presidential Citation. District Awards are currently under review and detailed information will be available here.


Disaster Relief 

Pat Mulvihill (U.S. Caribbean)
RC North Jacksonville

Jim Samuelson (International)
RC of Ocala

Works closely with the District Governor and club presidents to coordinate logistical preparation and training for relief efforts in the event of future disasters or emergencies. The Committee has a network of strategic partnerships and alliances in place with several key resources such as the American Red Cross, County EOCs, ShelterBox USA and VOADs so that the District is prepared in advance to assist, if so needed, the multitude
of communities throughout Northeast Florida for certain relief/recovery programs; and, when requested, around the world.

In addition, the District 6970 Committee has developed a unique alliance with AERObridge which provides a rapid-deployment system of private fixed-wing and rotary aircraft to deliver certain vital services and humanitarian relief to disaster-impacted families and individuals throughout the Southeastern U.S. and the nearby Caribbean.


District Conference

Nonie Larson, Chair
RC of Fleming Island

The District Conference Committee works closely with the District Governor in planning the District Conference.


District Nominating Committee

PDG Bill Griffin
RC Daytona Beach West


The Nominating Committee’s responsibility is to seek out and nominate the best available candidates for District Governor-Nominee (to serve as District Governor in 2018-2019) in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Manual of Procedure of Rotary International and in District 6970 Procedures included in this directory.

The Nominating Committee’s responsibility is to seek out and nominate the best available candidates for this District’s representative for the Council on Legislation (to serve on the COL in 2019 and will be selected in the 2016-17 year) in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Manual of Procedure of Rotary International and in District 6970 Procedures included in this directory.


District Historian

Jim Kocmoud
RC of  Edgewater



District Newsletter

DG Marshall Butler
RC of West Jacksonville
Message from Marshall



District Trainer

Art Schuster
RC Amelia Island


The District Trainer, in cooperation with the DGE, arranges and coordinates programs, materials, and speakers, as required for Pre-PETS District Team Training, Rotary Florida PETS, District Leadership Training, and District Assembly. District Trainer will work with the DG, DGE and AGs to promote attendance at all training events.


Friendship Exchange

DS Patel



Foundation 6970

See: District Foundation Administration



Fund and Procedures

PDG Fel Lee
RC of Jacksonville Oceanside


This committee administers the fund of the District, prepares a budget, advises the District Governor on monetary matters within the District and renders all reports and accounting as required.

Committee Members: Membership is comprised of the Immediate Past District Governor (who serves as chair), the District Governor and the District Treasurer, as well as six at-large members. The at-large members are appointed for a three year term, with the District Governor appointing two each year.


Marshall Butler, District Govenor
RC West Jacksonville

Steve Lazar 2014-2017
RC Mandarin

Theresa Shuster 2015-2018
RC Amelia Island Sunrise

Scott Imray 2016-2019
RC West Jacksonville


Jim White, District Treasurer
RC Mandarin

Mike Selah 2014-2017
RC East Arlington

Susan Spain 2015-2018
RC Gainesville

Karen Hatch 2016-2019
RC Belleview


Committee email:

GiGi Carroll
RC West Jacksonville

Doug Brown
NE Florida EClub


Interact is the high school version of Rotary with ideals similar to Rotaract. It is the responsibility of the Interact Committee to motivate and assist clubs in developing strong interact programs.District Committee will work with Club Interact Committees in identifying opportunities to create additional club Interact programs and strengthen those already in existence. The Committee shall also develop training and inter-connectivity for Interact Clubs.


Jaguar - Rotary Football Game

Steve Johnson, Chair
RC Orange Park Sunrise


The Jacksonville Jaguars have designated Sunday, December 4, 2016 as the Rotary Game Day this year. The Jaguars will take on last year’s Super Bowl Champion, Denver Broncos.

Along with our generous Rotary sponsors the district is able to promote its partnership this year with 100% of the ticket proceeds going to The Rotary Foundation for PolioPlus! The distrrict has 1,000 total tickets for the season and 600 are designated for Rotary Game day. The remaining 400 tickets are available for the other home games.


Membership Development

PDG Russ Miller, Co-Chair
Rotary Club of Palatka Sunrise

Mike Darragh, Co-Chair
Rotary Club of South Jacksonville


The Membership Development Committee works with individual clubs to encourage the establishment and achievement of membership goals. The committee also works with clubs to foster the three elements of membership growth and development in Rotary International: the retention of existing members, the proposal of new members and the organization of new clubs. Each element is essential to overall membership efforts. The committee works in partnership with the District Extension Committee when there are proposals for the chartering of new clubs within the district.

Monitoring changes in levels of membership within the clubs is another responsibility of the committee. In close collaboration with the District Governor and the Assistant Governors, the committee works pro-actively with clubs that show signs of membership erosion. All clubs are encouraged to make membership growth and development a top priority.


On to Atlanta International Convention 2017

DGE Brent Coates
RC Palatka Sunrise

DGN Jeanette Loftus
RC Flagler County



On to Toronto International Convention 2018

DGN Jeanette Loftus
RC Flagler County



On to Hamburg International Convention 2019




The PLAYERS Championship/Rotary Partnership

Clare Berry, co-chair
RC Ponte Vedra Beach

Rotary Clubs in District 6970 sell good-any-day tickets to THE PLAYERS Championship 2017, the week of May 9. For each ticket sold at $45, $25 goes to the selling Rotary Clubs for use in their club charities' youth services and programs, and $20 will go to The First Tee. Competitive round tickets are valued at $58 and higher and 100% of each ticket sold benefits children.

Public Image

Committee email:

Andrew Paul Williams, Chair
RC West Jacksonville


The Public Image Committee shall consist of six members. The Committee Chair shall appoint Rotarians to the Committee who evidence passion and enthusiasm for broadcasting the mission and purpose of Rotary International, district-wide and individual clubs’ humanitarian and educational endeavors to their respective club membership, and to the public at large.

The work of the District Committee for Public Image is carried out by subcommittees.

Primary among them are:

  1. District-wide Media Contacts & Social Media Options [Subcommittee].
  2. Informational Materials & Worksheets [Subcommittee]; e.g., press releases, public service announcements, new member, guest speaker and club officers announcements.
  3. Sign-in Sheets [Subcommittee], i.e., lists of attendees at all District-sponsored seminars, district conference, assembly and RLI, when gathered by discussion leaders. The Chair of the District Committee for Public Image coordinates activities of all subcommittees and, where requested, individual club PI Standing Committee chairs. In addition, the Chair performs the following:
    • Reports quarterly to the District Governor;
    • In concert with the DG, refines Committee/Subcommittee duties [as needed];
    • At the DG’s request, organizes, promotes and presents PI oriented materials at District seminar Public Image breakout sessions, District Assembly and District Conference;
  4. Tracks club-specific media coverage, i.e., newspaper, biz magazine, TV, radio and social media; the same provided by club PI chairs and/or club presidents.
  5. Designs, in concert with Committee members, PR presentations and programs to be made by the Public Image Committee


Rotary Leadership Institute

Charles Allen
RC Gainesville


The District 6970 Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Committee conducts two RLI sessions each Rotary year in August & February. RLI is “Rotary 101” - it is a facilitated discussion session intended to educate and enlighten both new Rotarians, and up & coming Rotary Club leaders, about ALL things Rotary. There are three different parts to RLI which are conducted on Saturdays and last eight hours each.

Complete information and registration information can be found on the District 6970 website, or at



Kelly Sastre-Altosino
RC Ponte Vedra Beach

Mike Selah
RC East Arlington

A Rotaract Club may be community-based or university-based and our district has both types. The purposes of the organization must be in keeping with those developed by Rotary International, ie: to develop leadership and responsible citizenship through service to community, to promote international understanding and peace, and to infuse the importance of recognizing and accepting high ethical standards as a leadership quality and vocational responsibility. It is the purpose of this committee to motivate and assist clubs in developing strong programs.

The District Committee will work to identify opportunities to create additional Rotaract programs and strengthen those already in existence. It is felt that the greatest area for growth lies in multiple clubs in one city or county supporting a single community-based Rotaract Club, and the Committee will work toward that end. The Committee shall also develop training and interconnectivity for Rotaract Clubs.


Rotary Has Heart




Rotary Youth Exchange

Jeff Hart, District Chair
RC Ponte Vedra Beach Sunrise


Outbound: Paula Roderick
Rotary Club of Ponte Vedra Beach Sunset

Inbound: John Boyland
RC Fernandina Beach

Youth Protection: Carole Zegel, Chair
Rotary Club of Gainesville

The Youth Exchange Committee promotes, administers and coordinates the exchange of youth in the District with young people from abroad. It concerns itself with placing the students and assisting clubs in arranging programs and activities for them. Our District’s Youth Exchange Program was
recognized and honored to receive the Gold District Achievement Award at the North American Youth Exchange Network Conference in Cincinnati, Ohio (2016), North Little Rock, Arkansas (2015), Cancun, Mexico (2014), Orlando, Florida (2013) and Chicago, Illinois (2010). In 2005-2006, our District’s Youth Exchange program was recognized as the Outstanding Youth Exchange Program in the USA-CANADA Region.

The mission of the Youth Exchange Program is... “To work towards peace and understanding in the world”.


Rotary Youth Leadership Award   

Tim Beck, Chair
RC St. Augustine

Kristi Kinsey, Executive Director
Spring Lake, NC       


The RYLA Committee acts as a steering committee each year to work with clubs in the host city to develop the program for the upcoming conference, generally held in June.Support is drawn from local clubs to provide connections to speakers and sources to facilitate planning and expediting of the event. The RYLA Committee insures continuity of the event, an organizational memory, and vital functions from one year to the next.


Technology/Website Director

Howard Kelley
RC Jacksonville


Develops and maintains the web sites of the District and provides consultation and assistance to club webmasters to help them to provide the same services to their clubs.


Technology Transition

PDG John Brunner
RC Gainesville

Committee is tasked with development of contingency, backup, and transition plans for the District websites and webmaster responsibilities.