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District Goals 2020-2021

You will find I like to keep things simple, for clarity and better understanding.  District 6970 is a vibrant, strong Rotary District so my goals are similar to a doctor: Above all else, do no harm!

RI President Holger  has a goal for each club to meet at least once / year to conduct strategic planning and I support this goal: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance!

Annual Fund Giving:    District 6970 has averaged just over $560,000 in the past four years, which represents 135% above the Club’s stated goals.  As of this writing, 2020-21 Annual Fund Goal is $404,000 x 130% yields a goal of $525,000.

Polio Plus Giving:  The End Polio Now campaign is very near and dear to mine and Marie’s heart and we strongly support maintaining the recent level of District giving.  District 6970 has averaged just under $233,500 in the past  four years, which represents 178% above the Club’s stated goals.  As of this writing, 2020-21 Polio Plus Goal is $112,000 x 170% yields a goal of $225,000.

Membership:    Neither RIP Holger nor myself believe in numerical membership goals; I will support and rely on each club and their individual goal to reflect our growth in NE Florida.  However, we both believe strongly in retention efforts!

When I was Club President, my only membership goal was 100% retention – not sure District leadership appreciated that too much.  However, I did not want to lose a single member – and I did not, in fact our club ended up +2!  We don’t want to keep filling the bucket only to find there is a big hole at the bottom.  My charge to Club Presidents and Officers is to engage and involve all of the club’s members this Rotary year.  Engaged and involved members create a vibrant, successful club!

Disaster Recovery:    During this Rotary year it is my intent to have a fully functional disaster relief team, trailer and supplies ready to assist and help at a moment’s notice if another disaster strikes, either in 6970 or in a nearby District.   I have participated in several disaster relief trips since becoming  a Rotarian and these trips provided me several Rotary ‘Aha’ moments.  The acts of helping people recover from a disaster is not only received with tremendous gratitude from those being served, but also is personally rewarding beyond measure.  Therefore, I ask for your support, financially or with your time and talent, to help us seize this Opportunity to do good for others who may have no other aid available.

Yours in Rotary Service,
DG Rich Turnbull

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June 24th 2021 5:30 pm
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