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District Membership Chair Committee Members

The Membership Development Committee works with individual clubs to encourage the establishment and achievement of membership goals. The committee also works
with clubs to foster the three elements of membership growth and development in Rotary International: the retention of existing members, the proposal of new members and the organization of new clubs. Each element is essential to overall membership efforts. The committee works in partnership with the District Extension Committee when there are proposals for the chartering of new clubs within the district.

Monitoring changes in levels of membership within the clubs is another responsibility of the committee. In close collaboration with the District Governor and the Assistant Governors, the committee works pro-actively with clubs that show signs of membership erosion. All clubs are encouraged to make membership growth and development a top priority.

 Darragh, Michael H.
District Membership Chair
District 6970
 Batenhorst, Katherine
Membership Chair
District 6970

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June 24th 2021 5:30 pm
Rotary Means Business
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