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District 6970 Governor Nominations
for Rotary Year 2021-2022

Qualifications for District Governor

Qualifications are defined in the Rotary International 2016 Manual of Procedure.  In general the nominee must

  1. Be a member in good standing of a club in the district.
  2. Have served as club president for a full term.
  3. Completed seven years of Rotary membership prior to taking office as governor.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of the qualifications, duties and responsibilities of governor.
  5. Agree in writing to serve if elected and to faithfully perform the duties and responsibilities of the office.
  6. Attend the governors-elect training seminar and Rotary International Assembly, if elected, one full week, location TBA, January or February (TBA), District Governor-Elect year of service.

Governors also should:

  1. Possess the esteem of their home clubs.
  2. Be of high business and professional standing, with executive ability, demonstrated in the conduct of their businesses or professions.
  3. Have their business or profession so well organized that they can dedicate the time necessary to carry out Rotary work.
  4. Be a person whose integrity and conduct is above reproach.
  5. Be a member of a club that has no outstanding indebtedness to RI or the district as of the close of the previous year.
  6. Have a thorough knowledge of Rotary and be dedicated to the object of Rotary.

How to Propose a Candidate to the Nominating Committee

Submit the following documents to the chairperson of the District Nominating Committee by no later than November 1st:

  1. A letter from the club president or secretary indicating that the club’s Board of Directors has met and agreed to propose the candidate for district governor.
  2. A letter or signed statement from the candidate that he or she meets the qualifications for district governor as outlined in the Rotary International 2016 Manual of Procedure and is willing and able to serve as district governor and will serve faithfully if elected.
  3. A brief resume or listing showing:
    1. The candidate’s name
    2. Club and location
    3. Years in Rotary
    4. Current firm and position
    5. Current and former positions and assignments in Rotary
    6. Special Rotary services and activities (what the Rotarian has done to advance Rotary)
    7. Most significant honors or achievements in business and professional activities
    8. Most significant honors or achievements in civic and public service
    9. Other information that may help the nominating committee properly evaluate the candidate

Note: Electronic submission of the above documents is preferred.

Submit documentation to Nominating Committee Chair:

(Email: Nomination Committee Chair Marshall Butler)

IMPORTANT:  The deadline for submission of nominations is November 1st.  Submissions will be accepted if received by the Nominating Committee Chair by 5 P.M. November 1st.  Late submissions will not be considered.

For additional information see the Rotary International 2016 Manual of Procedure, pages 19-22, 171-176 and the Procedures for Rotary District 6970.



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