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From- Pat Mulvihill (North JAX), Co-Chair 2019-2020: Email

PDG John Brunner (Gainesville); PDG Bill Griffin (Daytona West); Jim Samuelson (Ocala)

Remember Nasty Irma and the “M” Boys!!

Preparing for the Hurricane Season 2019-2020

Our hurricane season runs from June through November; September is the most common month for hurricanes making landfall, followed by August & October.

Nasty Irma & the ”M” Boys is not a rock band, but hurricanes known as Irma-Matthew-Michael which adversely “rocked” and severely disrupted the lives of many Rotarians and their families & friends, utilities, churches, schools, governmental agencies, infrasture-support systems, businesses, insurance coverages, etc. Your Committee works closely with District Governor Mike Darragh & Club Presidents, including Rotaract-Interact Clubs, to coordinate various levels of logistical preparation and readiness for certain relief and recovery efforts in the event of future disasters and emergencies; including monetary aid, if so requested.

Some Important Lessons Learned During the Last Few Years

If you live on the coast or on a waterway, you may have to evacuate in the event of a major storm. Please take your pets in account in your plan. Keep cash and emergency supplies on hand- this is in the event that the banks & ATMs are closed; also, have: cellphone chargers which can be utilized in your car / banker’s boxes & storage bins for carrying files / food that you don’t have to refrigerate or cook / first-aid kit & bug repellents / a portable weather radio / extra chain-saw oil / etc.