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Jaguar Tickets for District 6970

Could 2023 be the year for the Jacksonville Jaguars? District 6970 has provided you a fantastic opportunity to buy Jaguars tickets, experience Rotary fellowship by organizing a group from your club and support our efforts to End Polio at the same time. If your club has a Jaguars/Polio Chair, get with them today and tell them how many tickets you want for which games and give them a check made out to the York Foundation. If your club does not have a Jaguars/Polio Chair get with your club President. Only Jaguars/Polio Chairs or club Presidents can submit ticket requests. Do it now as the tickets are going fast! Not a fan of going to a Jaguars game, no worries, buy your tickets and give them to an Interact student or a Veteran. We can help you to do this. All proceeds of tickets sales beyond $15/ticket will go to The Rotary Foundation in your club’s name and will benefit the End Polio program directly. Do it now. Don’t miss this opportunity. Click here for the ticket form: Purchase Tickets
Jeff Michelman, PDG
Jaguars/Polio Chair 2023