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When I joined Rotary, I was 39 years old and I kind of thought that wearing my Rotary pin was something that you did on Tuesdays because that was the day our Rotary club met. Not surprisingly when I drove to lunch with my boss that same year, he told me that he always kept his Rotary pin in the car. He put it on when he went to Rotary and took it off when he got back in the car. For many of us we are Rotarians all the time, but we fail to talk about Rotary except when we are around other Rotarians. Rotary leadership across the state of Florida is trying to change our public image but without your help we will be unable to do so. You have an opportunity to help us to get a Rotary license plate. Billboards throughout the State of Florida each year would likely cost $100s of thousands of dollars, but for a mere $35 per Rotarian across the state we get a chance to show our Rotary pride every day and besides your $35 comes back to our district to support youth programs. Do it now, sign up online for your voucher or go into your local tax collector and be Rotary proud. Unless you act NOW this opportunity will get away from us.
Jeff Michelman, District Governor-Elect

You can pre-order at your local tag agency throughout the state of Florida.

Ok District 6970 Rotarians, the time for waiting is over and the time to take action is NOW! After working on this project for over seven years we now have an approved Florida Rotary License Plate. The first step is for us to sell 3,000 vouchers across the state and then the State will begin production. Many of you know one of Florida’s most visible Rotarians, George Robertson Burnett. George’s video message will tell you why you need to purchase your voucher now!  This is our opportunity to show the rest of the state that we are the best district. Order your Voucher now by clicking on our website. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions—Jeff Michelman, District Governor Nominee

The Florida Rotary tag design has been approved by Rotary International and by the Florida Highway Patrol to ensure it meets visibility standards.

Are you ready to show off your Rotary pride on your vehicle?

The new tag will help fund Rotary Youth Programs across all Florida Rotary Districts and it is already available for pre-purchase. Click on the link bar below to buy your tag voucher online or visit your local tag agency in-person to purchase it directly through them throughout this state of Florida.

Florida Rotary Specialty Tag – Florida’s Rotary License Plate Pre-Order (