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RYLA Committee Members

The RYLA Committee acts as a steering committee each year to work with clubs in the host city to develop the program for the upcoming conference, generally held in June.

Support is drawn from local clubs to provide connections to speakers and sources to facilitate planning and expediting of the event. The RYLA Committee insures continuity of the event, an organizational memory, and vital functions from one year to the next.
  • Club sponsorship committment due March 2021.
  • Student registration forms available online April 2021.
  • Student notarized forms due May 2021.
  • RYLA Event June 2021.
  • Click here for more information: RYLA 6970

Julie Waldman, Chair
(352) 538-1514

Kimberly Struhs, Executive Director

 Waldman, Julie
District 6970

Visit the RYLA website: