RYLA Virtual 2021 (Rotary Youth Leadership Awards) is a leadership conference being held through Zoom on June 18-19, 2021. It is designed for 80 high school students who have just completed their sophomore or junior year. Students are selected by Rotary Clubs in District 6970, which covers northeast Florida. The Rotary Clubs select the students to send and pay the student registration fee of $100, so the conference is free to the students.

All information about this year’s RYLA VIRTUAL 2021 can be found by clicking the MENU link above, then click on RYLA VIRTUAL 2021.

(The rest of the information on this website pertains to past and future conferences starting in 2022 that will be held in person.)

Please go to the RYLA Virtual 2021 link in the MENU bar to do the following –
By March 15, Rotary Clubs will post the number of students they will send.
By April 15, Rotary Clubs will send their student information.

As more information becomes available about this year’s conference, the site will continue to be updated.

What is RYLA?

Started in 1959 in Queensland, Australia, the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is a thriving international leadership program actively endorsed in over 528 Rotary International Districts, including District 6970 in northeast Florida. The program promotes leadership skill-building, networking and preparation for college for upcoming high school juniors and seniors who display leadership potential. In District 6970, Rotary Clubs award a scholarship to one or more participants whom they feel has demonstrated beginning leadership skills or who have an interest in developing those skills. Though usually a four-day conference held at a college in northeast Florida, this year due to COVID-19, it will be a two-day virtual conference offered through Zoom on June 18-19, 2021.


Who Attends RYLA?

In District 6970, male and female students who are currently sophomores of juniors apply to their local Rotary Clubs to become a participant. These students should have already shown some leadership potential or interest to be selected. The goal is for them to apply the skills learned from the conference in their school and community service endeavors in the short-term and in their college and career endeavors in the future. Eighty participants will be selected for the June 18-19, 2021 virtual conference.

Since RYLA will be a virtual conference in 2021, participants must have access to a computer with video/audio access and internet connection. They must be able to log into Zoom.


What does RYLA intend to accomplish?

The aim is to launch already talented young people back into their communities, inspired and provided with fresh ideas, understandings, and skills. RYLA also seeks to send participants back to their communities better equipped to become leaders of tomorrow and prepared to apply what they have learned at the conference.

What will participants learn while attending RYLA?

The 2021 conference will be shorter than the past live conferences.  We are still working on the schedule, but these topics from the past live conferences will give you an idea of the type of topics that will be covered.  Once this year’s program is finalized, this section will be updated.

  • Traits of a servant leader
  • Running effective meetings
  • Reaching consensus in groups
  • Appreciating and seeking diversity in groups
  • The role of ethics in leadership
  • Planning successful service projects and fund raisers
  • Resume writing and interviewing skills
  • Preparing for college
  • What is Rotary and what can it do for you?
How many participants will be attending RYLA?

Eighty current sophomore or junior males or females will be attending RYLA in 2021.


What does it cost to send a participant to RYLA?

Due to it being a virtual format in 2021, the cost per participant is $100 and it will be paid by the Rotary Clubs that sponsor each student.  There is not any cost to the participants themselves.


Are all the camp staff required to have criminal background checks?

All RYLA Planning Committee staff and break-out session staff will have criminal background checks. Session speakers will not have individual access to participants or their contact information, so they will not need criminal background checks.


What should I wear during RYLA?

The attire for Friday night is to wear your favorite t-shirt and be ready to explain why it is your favorite.  On Saturday, you will wear your RYLA t-shirt that will be mailed to you before the conference.  You can wear shorts, slacks or skirts with them both days.