Congratulations on your child being selected to attend the RYLA conference. It is quite an honor.

This information pertains more to our live RYLA Conferences and may not pertain as much to our RYLA Virtual 2021 conference, but we are leaving it here as we plan to return to a live conference once COVID-19 is behind us. It also shares information on the intent of RYLA.

However, your next question inevitably is – “What is RYLA?”

RYLA is a youth program of the international service organization called Rotary International. It is a four-day overnight conference in a safe campus environment. With an experienced and caring staff (approx. 1 staff member for every five participants), we change our RYLArians’ lives forever by assisting them in defining their core values and augmenting their fundamental skills to lead and succeed. Our program includes a wide range of leadership skills, the practice, and importance of community service, ethics, etiquette, business and professional skills, and so much more! We do all this within a terrific college campus setting and a community environment that is both fun and energizing.

To provide these learning sessions, we bring in the best speakers from Northeast Florida to work with our group every year. Some things we do in large group settings, others in break-out sessions. For one full day, we do hands-on community service to help our participants understand the value of giving to others and the positive experience which they receive in return. And we have some fun by seeing a little of the city and giving everyone a chance to relax and get to know each other. We end it all with a formal dinner and a notable motivational speaker to help bring into focus our participants’ new-found skills. We try hard to make sure it is a balanced program, so we are not a cookie-cutter leadership camp, but rather a professional life-altering experience.

“Awesome” is what we hear from our participants year after year. That tremendous response from our participants is what keeps each of us doing this again, and again — they just get so much out of it and are so thankful for being exposed to something so positive!

We know that many times children are hesitant to leave their friends behind and try something new and unknown. While they may understand it is a great accolade for their college application, they may not realize what a blast it will be! Time after time, when our final Sunday session rolls around, RYLArians do not want to leave due to the great friendships they have made as well as the memories and positive experiences they have stored away.

You will probably still have questions about our conference. We want to make sure that you have the comfort level you need to allow your child to attend. We encourage you to check out the rest of our website, read all the details, and if you still have questions, please see our contact us page. We can also provide local references which you may recognize. We know your child is going to love this experience. We want to make sure you do too. We would be more than happy to share what it can mean to your son or daughter.

Thank you in advance for your confidence in us. We cannot wait to see your child at RYLA!