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Vibrant Club Seminar

Vibrant Club Seminar

Saturday, August 26,  2023

8:00-8:30 am Registration and Breakfast
11:30 am Lunch
3:15 pm Closing

Thrasher-Horne Center
St. Johns River State College
Orange Park.

The Vibrant Club Seminar is our late summer/fall District training. This training is intended for all Rotary members. The training focuses on Membership, The Rotary Foundation and on Rotary’s Public Image. Sometimes we refer to these relationships as Rotary’s three-legged stool. If one leg is not operational the stool gets unstable; therefore, we will spend this seminar focusing on these three critical areas of your Rotary club. We will also be adding a track on leadership this year.

During this seminar, we will have a chance to acknowledge the achievements of the past Rotary year in these same three categories.

So come learn how to grow your membership! Grow your knowledge and outreach to The Rotary Foundation, learn how to communicate these achievements to the public in a significant and meaningful way, and celebrate the accomplishments your club made in the previous year with respect to membership, The Rotary Foundation, and your club’s public image.

Note:  Unless you are currently logged into, this link will direct you to do so first.  Once you login, it will take you to the Registration page.   If you do not know or have not obtained your DACdb login credentials, please contact your Club President or Secretary! 

AGENDA – Saturday, August 26, 2023, Thrasher-Horne Center, Orange Park, FL

8:00-8:30 Registration & Breakfast

8:30-9:30 Opening Session (Room A&B)
Welcome – DG John Tabor
Pledge – Rotary Club of East Arlington President Stephanie Langford
Inspiration – Rotary Club of Flagler County President Charles Barbel
Guest Speaker – District 6950 Governor Chris Casella
Past District Governor Awards – PDG Jeff Michelman

9:40-10:25 Breakout Sessions
Foundation (Room D) – Global Grants 101 (required for 2023 applications) – District Global Grants Chair John Caulfield
Highlighting Membership Success (Room C) – Panel Discussion – Lead by Katherine Batenhorst, District Membership Chair & Mary Stutts, District Innovative Club Advocate

10:35-11:20 Breakout Sessions
Public Image Session 1 (Room D) – Amy Workowski, District Public Image Chair
Rotary Youth Services Opportunities (Room C) – Panel of Youth Services Chairs – Lead by Claudia Dencer, District Youth Services Chair

11:30-12:35 General Session (Room A&B)
Lunch – Guest Speaker – George Robertson-Burnett, PDG District 6890

12:50-1:35 Breakout Sessions
Foundation (Room D) – Global Grants D6970 Then and Now (How can our clubs get involved?) – PDG Rich Turnbull, District Foundation Chair
Intentional Membership Planning & Growth (Room C)– Katherine Batenhorst & Mary Stutts

1:45-2:30 Breakout Sessions
Public Image Session 2 (Room D) – Amy Workowski
Rotary Opportunities (Room C) – Panel Discussion – Lead by DG John Tabor
Foundation (Room A&B) – Benefactors, Annuities, Bequests and Beyond (It’s not just for the rich!)  – AG Hewitt Dupont

2:40-3:28 General Session (Room A&B)
By-Law Review/Vote, Awards & Closing Remarks – Katherine Batenhorst, PDG Rich Turnbull, PDG Rich Cooper & DG John Tabor

3:28-3:30 4 Way Test – Rotary Club of Jacksonville President Marie Gnage